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Direct Legal Support For Probate

Much is at stake in probate. Mistakes during the probate process could lead to significant costs and losses for the estate. Depending on the situation, loved ones may question whether the process truly reflects the decedent’s wishes.

With our extensive experience in probating estates in Pennsylvania, O’Toole Law can give you the support you need. As a sole practitioner, I will dedicate the time and attention your case deserves. Whether you are a personal representative, a surviving family member, a creditor or another party, we can assist you.

Guidance For Your Administrative Responsibilities


If the decedent or the court appointed you as the personal representative of an estate, you must complete several important tasks. As a personal representative, you are bound by fiduciary duty, which means that you must act solely in the interests of the estate.

We can streamline the process and help you fulfill your responsibilities, including:

  • Filing the decedent’s will and a petition for probate
  • Identifying, gathering and professionally evaluating the assets and debts of the estate that require probate
  • Keeping accurate records of assets, purchases, sales and transfers
  • Notifying creditors, heirs and beneficiaries
  • Settling inheritance taxes, expenses and debts
  • Distributing inheritance, which may involve title transfers, insurance and other complex matters

Acting as an advocate of the estate can be a stressful job. I am here to ease the burden of these challenges with skilled legal counsel.

Disputes May Arise During Probate

From will contests to breach of fiduciary duty allegations, O’Toole has successfully resolved numerous probate disputes over the course of his career. He understand how personal and complicated these cases can be. If you need an experienced probate litigation attorney, he has the resources to reach a solution.

Learn How We Can Help

As your probate lawyer, O’Toole will apply his meticulous attention to detail to help you through the probate process. Call 717-695-0389 or email the Harrisburg office to schedule a one-on-one consultation.


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